Trojan Scholar Society Logo

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  • I joined the Trojan Scholars Society in the fall of 2012 formally as the special events coordinator, but additionally, I was there as a design specialist to help create a visual foundation for this student organization. The Trojan Scholars Society (TSS) of the University of Southern California is an organization that serves the Trustee, Presidential, Mork and Stamp Scholarship students of the university. Specifically, it presents opportunitues for scholars to network with professionals, creates opportunities to lead through service, and holds events that foster community among these scholars. The organization changed names and needed a fresh identity that moved away from a fun, social image to graphic that is both contemporary as well as evokes a feeling of membership in a private society where they have opportunities that other students don't get because they are on scholarship. This shield was inspired by ivy societies, but takes a very contemporary approach that is characteristic of design in Los Angeles. I'm excited to see how the society rethinks and improves on this graphic idea!