Troika - Trilogy of coffee and rose hip tea works

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  • Troika
    Trilogy of drawings based on coffee and rose-hip-tea
  • Trilogy of large scale, colour and splotch intense works made from a basic »splotchwork« of coffee (brownish splotches) and rose-hip tea (blueish! parts) on paper (not ment as tryptich). Drawing and finishing with coloured ink.

    The original artworks, 60cm x 80cm (approx. 23inch x 31.5inch), are for sale. Prizes on request, please send an e-mail. yeeha at
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    Again about the working technique:
    The way it works is called "apophenia". That´s a term used by psychologists to describe the mind´s will to construct meaning, order and forms even from chaotic structures - just like seeing faces in the clouds.
    At first paper is prepared with random coffee, tea and juice drippings.
    The "found" motifs are extracted and details are worked out using colored ink.
    Hope You enjoy!
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