Triple Hop Exhibition

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  • As a member of Column Arts Agency, the opportunity was recently extended to be part of a group show called Triple Hop. In conjunction with art event agency Test Space and London based beer producers Honest Brew, the event brought together the works of twenty contributing artists, each of whom were assigned their own custom crafted ale to illustrate.
  • My task was to make some items for an ale called Hop Mule. What items were created was left to me, providing it included a beer label with all the information needed on a product label.
  • The backstory to this product is one that lent itself well to the creation of it's materials. The Hop Mule is the one we owe our thanks for smuggling in the special ingredient used in the ale. It is after him the beer has been named. The ingredient is a type of Hop found only in New Zealand, called Riwaka Hop. This hop has been illustrated in different arrangements for use throughout all the visual materials.
  • The Mule was drawn with two key things in mind: The first is that for smaller items it would need to be cropped rather than shrunken, so the line-work would retain clarity. When cropped it had to stay instantly recognisable.
    The other consideration was to make it distinctive from a donkey or horse. One distinguishing feature of the mule is that unlike a donkey, it can kick sideways. So the image of the kicking mule was drawn, which also lent itself perfectly to the product's strap line, "A Kick You Won't Forget".
  • All the visual material has been created as if it were to be mass produced and dispatched to pubs nationwide. This item list includes: Beer label with swing tags, A2 poster, staff T-shirt with swing tag, pump-clip, coasters, and a three panel table talker. In a single package these items would be easy to post to any pub stocking Hop Mule.
  • When folded the table talker forms a triangular column. This can be placed at the bar or on the pub tables.
    The screen printed T-shirt uses the original line drawing which was done with dip pen and indian ink. By keeping the printed colours down to a minimum the unit cost is kept low. This is intended to be offered to bar staff.
  • If you'd like to buy a copy of the Hop Mule poster then visit the SuperCrafts Print Store. My thanks to everyone who organised and attended the event. It was a pleasure to be involved. Special thanks to Will at Column, Neil at Test Space and all the guys at Honest Brew.