Trimmet tegnestue (Trimmet architects)

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            Trimmet Architects

  •     TRIMMET Architects is a small business that manages and delivers
        construction projects of all sizes. The identity is subtle and toned down
        in its expression, but also exudes quality and professionalism.


         The logo draws references to the construction industry and the significant slash in the Logo (R)
         is put into the illustrations and visual elements that are part of the overall identity. The colors are
         with their dimmed and tranquil colors inspired by natural materials used in a building process:
         wood, stone, brick, clay, copper ...
  •      ICONS

         The icons are drawn in a single, thin line, in order to maintain the studio's style using references from
         architectural drawings - simple, tight and geometrical. For the same reason, we have chosen to make
         simple patterns like texture to Trimmet Architects. The lines are taken from the R in the logo and
         duplicated to form the hatched pattern.

         The pattern is used in different contexts - eg. the icons. They are generally thought of as only brown,
         but online they will also appear as green when you mouse over them and click.

  •      IMAGES

         We collaborated with photographer Morten Lundrup. The image style is deliberately chosen in black /
         white as it gives a more heavy and masculine expression that fits well on the industry and gives a
         heaviness in their expression.

  •      WEB

         Trimmet optimizes methods and habits in the construction industry and a natural step was to place
         all their work online to share photos from the construction meetings etc. The design is also compatible
         with the iPad. The website is kept simple and minimalistic.
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