Tres Hombres - fairtrade rum. Best rum of the world!

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  • Tres Hombres Rum, the world's only fairtransport rum
    And with the very best taste of all existing rums
  • Tres Hombres is an initiative that thrives on combined passions; sailing, traditional ships, shipbuilding, crew training, a healthy environment, good harmony and of course rum! Tres Hombres stands for enjoying life. Like a message in a bottle, the ship contains a dream about reviving traditional sailed cargo shipping, a dream that has already partly been fulfilled.

    Tres Hombres rum is a treat for anyone who shares the passion of the initial three daydreamers that brought their dream to life. The taste of Tres Hombres rum, which differs every year is as exquisite and exciting as the production and shipping process. The traditional distillation methods performed by various distilleries throughout the Caribbean produce rum suitable for exciting salsa parties as well as quiet moments by a fire, with a Cuban cigar. The labels are created and placed manually, giving them their Caribbean appearance and feel, which beautifully expresses the romantic lifestyle associated with Tres Hombres.
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