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    Trash Art is a different veiwpoint of useless (for most people) material. It' s a viewpoint which can transform trash into a work of art and instead of taking it to a rumbish dumb it can decorate a living room or a gallery.
  •  The chess players
    This creation is made by used lamps, wires, straws, nails...
  •  Hummer
    It is made by floppy disks, plastic pieces, wire, plastic packaging...
  •  The crow
    It is made by earrings, button of clothes, piece of coal, little bells and a plug
  •  The boating
    It is made by plastic case of pen, a metal piece of a computer and wires
  •  Wild dog
    It is made by screws, metal objects and cap from pen
  •  Wind turbine
    It is made by an electronic board, tube of toothpaste, plastic piece and pieces from strap of watches
  •  Metal alien
    It is made by pieces from the same old video
  •  The motorcycle
    It is made by old CD 's, metalic pieces from old widgets, wire, plastic gears with the strap, broken lamp, springs...
  • Turkey
    It is made by metalic pieces from the same old video and bronze wire
  •  The drummer
    It is made by various packaging cans, broken speaker, wires and pencil.
  • Trash Guitar
    It is made by a broken guitar, fixed louvers from a damaged air condition, wheel from a bicycle, part of a pick-up...
  •  Hedgehog
    It is made by two plugs, keyboard keys, two beads of rosary and hard wires
  •  Chopper
    It is made by small plastic and metal pieces (more than 50)...
  •  Horse-dinosaur
    It is made by 13 white plastic pieces from widgets and a plastic cover from a mobile phone
  • Train machine
    It is made by a lot of black plastic pieces from widgets
  •  Alben
    It is made wires, metalic pieces, two cover from old videos, hadles of old doors, blades of grass cutting machine and plastic tubes
  •  Owl
    It is made by metal cover, accessories of widgets, plastic part of a computer mouse and sandpaper
  • Trashbird
    It is made by plastic accessories of widgets which covered by small pieces of aluminum packaging. To see step by step the way of this work you can visit this link:
  •  Paranoid Frog
    It is made by old alectric alarm-radio, angle brackets, parts of children's toys, spiral, wire... Most of the above materials were painted
  • Pinokio
    It is made by an old TV, a toy, wire, computer accessories, speakers and wallpaper
  •  to "traBOOKs"...
    It is made by an old Greek dictionary and keyboard keys. In the cycle is the word bios (life)...
  • Elegant Woman
    It is made by a bottle opener, saltshaker, nail, plastic pieces from widgets and a computer processor
  • Terminator
    It is made by a lot of plastic pieces from widgets