• Trapobana is a book-weight typeface that works both for setting text and for titles. It was drawn from my own handwriting, which gave it its slender body and slight curves.
    Trapobana is a semi-serif typeface, slightly roman, but with latin characteristics. It has little variation between thicks and thins, and the stress is slightly diagonal. The x-height is not too small, but the ascendants of the lowercases are taller than the uppercases. The serifs are flat but have a rounded bracket.

    The font includes an irony punctuation mark.Throughout history, the use of such character has been attempted and many designs have been suggested, but there still isn’t a character that is officially recognized as such. My design of the irony mark was part of an academic exercise and I kept it. It is a personal manifesto to introduce the irony mark into the written language, because it bothers me a bit that there isn’t one.
    This work is still in progress. I intend to draw a more complete set of characters and more weights next.