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    Transient Spaces //
  • Publication, Mapping, Information Design //
    Undergraduate studies project // Freelance work //
    Beirut, Lebanon, 2009

    Mapping security zones within the geographical parameters of an area in downtown Beirut:
    The project investigates the manifestations of security on the demographics and circulation patterns within a metropolitan, active and populated area //
    420mm x 297mm //
  • Publication separators.
  • Type from the contents section.
  • Pictograms: Security hubs, other institutions, security objects, objects of threat and security personnel.
  • Geographical map of the investigated area.
  • Mapping the intensity of security measures at different security hubs.
  • Pie graphs comparing different security intensities and intensity of objects of threat at various
    geographical locations.
  • Mapping traffic circulation in a high-level security zone.
  • Mapping an invisible form of security, airspace security
  • Bar graphs comparing the intensity of levels of security at various geographical locations
  • The overlay of the elements of security of every location on the geographical map.