• TrailRider Re-Design
    MECH 328 - Course Project

  • For my Mech 328 project, my group's goal was to redesign the BCMOS TrailRider. The TrailRider is a vehicle made to provide disabled people with the opportunity to go on hikes not accessible on a typical wheelchair. In a group of six we set out to redesign the product to include power-assist and improved suspension and ergonomics. We collaborated to generate concepts and designs to satisfy the needs of our stakeholders. The project gave me an opportunity to create solid models and renders of the product, and to specify frame structure and materials by modelling our loading situations and analyzing stresses. After completing our redesign we performed an oral presentation for professors, teaching assistants, students and BCMOS affiliates recommending our design and wrote a formal report to fully justify our decision making process.

    The original TrailRider from BCMOS can be found here
  • Original TrailRider Design