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  • Can a test save lives?
    How can Denmark make sure, that today’s young people will become confident road users? The Danish Road Safety Council has launched an innovative project come a step closer to the goal.

    Ready for life
    When young people finish state school, they are so to speak “free”. Their mandatory education is completed. For that reason it is pivotal, that their knowledge about and attitude to traffic safety is strengthened while they’re still in state school. But how does one reach the pupils and how does one make sure to do it in the right way?

    Online test
    The national solution is an online test. On one side the solution tests the pupils’ knowledge, attitude and behavior and on the other side affects them in a positive direction.
    Each pupil finishing the test get’s an individual qualitative feedback generated by the test.

    The creative work behind the project is realized by:
    Steffen Knøsgaard and Jonas Funk Johannesen, Art Direction
    Esben S. Thomsen, Concept Development and Writing

    Trafiktjekket logo and art direction:
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