• Tractor
    Interaction Design Classroom Project
  • The Objective was to develop an interface that allows one to locate and get across institute related information to people and groups on the institute campus.

    This was to be a cell phone- computer based software
  • The Process
  • Studying the Organization's Structure
  • Studying in detail each user group through Persona Developement.
  • Stating the functions and features of the interface
  • Organizing all the information in a manner that is best suited for easy and efficient usage of the interface
  • Arranging all the information in a flow that is intuitive and concise
  • Mood Boarding- for the look of the interface
  • Final Look
  • Designing the look of the computer based interface
  • A Walkthrough
  • Finding a person using a universal search bar, and locating them on the floor map of the institute floor map. This person is shown with a green outline which means they are available and not busy. The icon is shown in a specific classroom on the 2nd floor of the 3 storey building.
  • As more and more people are located, one may change the view of the floors from a layered one to a stepped one for better visibility across all floors.
  • Once a person is found, you can communicate with them using the messaging function.