Tracker New Wife & Mom Brochure

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  • TrackerNew Wife &Mom Brochure
    Tracker is a stolen vehicle recovery company
  • Inmany hijackings, a driver or passenger is takenalong with the car. And in many instances,
    Trackeractually recovers a vehicle with a person oreven a pet still in it, thereby saving them
    froma potentially fatal situation. So, when you geta Tracker, you not only protect your car,
    butalso yourself and your family.


    Oneof the main channels through which Tracker subscriptions are sold, is at cardealerships.
    Inorder to boost Tracker sales in selected dealerships, agency was tasked withcreating a piece
    ofcommunication that would not only encourage car buyers to install a Trackerthrough their
    dealership, but also inform them of the most important reason tohave a Tracker.


    Inorder to convey this message in a way that suited the dealership environment,we created atypical
    car brochure – the kind you collect before deciding which car to buy.Only, the brochure wasn’t for a car,
    but for a person. More specifically, a loving wife and mother. The brochure wasplaced alongside each dealership’s normal material and had the look and feel ofan authentic car brochure, complete with lifestyle shots, spec lists and other“technical data”. The message? Carscan easily be replaced. Family can’t.
    So safeguard yourself and your familywith a Tracker.

    *Work done at Joe Public