Trabajo Nocturno Book Design + Promotion

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  • The Wordmark
    The book design for Osiris Ramos's book "Trabajo Nocturno y Otros Cuentos" started with developing a wordmark...
  • The Book Cover
    Then I started working on developing the cover. There were 8 stories in all, I looked to find a common theme amonst all of them and what I found is that she often reflects on the messy fragility of both corporal and mental health and so I decided to  choose an image that display a very literal vulnerability (the open body) with a more metaphorical vulnerability (the flowers) and the blood splatter that rests perfectly over the heart.
  • The Teaser/Trailer
    I then took the cover illustration and animated it with dubstep as the music, to create a very short Teaser/Trailer video for her upcoming book presentations.
  • The Website
    Once the design of the book was ready and the trailer was all set, I developped a fully responsive website for the book. It is here:
  • eBook
    The eBook is now on sale at the iTunes store, you can buy it here
  • Promotional Materials
    There were also promotional posters, stickers, etc that were created to promote both the book and the book presentations.