• Less Room, More Forgetting  

    This young woman and her friend were on their way to a giants game and had a multitude of items in her hand. as she bought her ticket she had no where to place her soda, so she placed it on top. which wouldn’t be a bad idea if she had not started to walk away without her soda.
  • The Low Down on Tickets & Change

    There was an older man who was buying a Caltrain ticket with a heavy backpack. Not wanting to place his bag on the floor, he went through the first few steps of the process with the same sort of struggles as the other people. However, when it was time to grab his ticket, he had to place his bag on the floor, and bend over to reach his tickets and receipt, he had to stay crouched because he was not sure of what he had just grabbed.
  • We all contributed sketches and concepts.
  • PART 1 - Map Redesign

    Separating the map from the kiosk helps with traffic congestion.  
  • Tourists can see other major forms of transportation and will have an easier time understanding how to get to their desired location if they choose to use public transportation.
  • PART 2 - New Kiosk

    Making the kiosk more accessible and accommodating was the main goal of the project. 
  • We made a full scale mock up and tested it out for holding small items.
  • We made it wheelchair accessible. 
  • PART 3 - Tourist Friendly

    A bonus feature added was this new approach to planing trips from the tourist's perspective.
  • A. Ability to search for destination as apposed to looking up zones.

    B. Ability to buy more than one ticket at different rates in one transaction, as apposed to going through the menu over and over again.

    C. Ability to search by events such as: sports games, concerts, show times, and exhibits. Also includes the ability to purchase the ticket to the event at the kiosk. 

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