Tourist information center for Maracaibo city MDAi2010

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    FIRST EXERCISE FOR MDAi online 2010
  • Assignment: design a tourist informationcenter for our home town, in my case, Maracaibo in Venezuela
  • *centro de información turistica (Tourist Information Center)
  • Tourist information center for Maracaibocity, consists of two very defined areas identifiable by the ICONS for INdoor activities and OUTdoor activities, as well as a resting lounge area and information desk. It had to be transportable and easily constructed; for indoor or outdoor sites, in this case the placement is in a semi opened space (the atrium of MACZUL, Zulia museum of contemporary art)
  • OUTdoor activities area (with internet acces), INdoor activities area and sitting area (modular puffs with native göajiro motives)