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  • Tour Egypt is an online tour agency based in Lubbock, Texas, USA. They offer many different varieties of tour packages from around the world to Egypt. I was commissioned to design the theme-styles for the new website ranging from Ancient Egypt to kids pages. Below is a closer view.

    Design: Ayah Moustafa
    Web Consulting & Strategic Advice: Mohamed Mohiy
  • New Tour Egypt homepage offers a quick overview of the site.


    By: Ayah Moustafa
  • Theme I: Ancient Egypt.
  • Social media icons depicted on cartouches.
  • Theme II: Beach.
  • Social media icons in the form of beach toys and things you find laying around there.
  • Theme III: Desert Safari.
  • Social media icons in the form camping gear.
  • Theme IV: Religion.
  • Social media icons that depict a religious perspective through halos, books, and urns.
  • Theme V: Food & Recipes.
  • Social media found over the counter in your kitchen.
  • Theme VI: Kids.
  • Social media found in a kid's coloring book.
  • Theme VII: Weather.
  • Social media done in a simple technique resembling the feeling of air.
  • Theme VIII: Diving 
  • Social media icons depicted in the form of underwater diving gear.
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