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Some of the illustrations in the project "The Land Of Spirits"
The Land of Spirits, a documentary about the life of a scarce Shor people living in the outskirts of civilization in the Siberian Mountainous Shoria (Kemerovskaya region, Russia).
The story envisioned by the creators Zina Semenova and Mike Bogatyrev involves capturing the way of living and daily routine of a scarce people living in the middle of taiga in the Southern part of the Kemerovskaya region, Russia. The crew plans to start an expedition in the small remote settlement Uchas. The inhabitants of this village have one street with no name and do not have electricity. For the elderly every trip to the nearest store or post office means they must overcome five miles of pristine taiga. They do not watch TV or listen to the radio and have created their own way to keep food fresh during the hot Siberian summers. Uchas settlers still use the same ancient traditional tools to garden, farm, fish and cook as their ancestors did centuries ago. For ages the people have believed in spirits roaming their land. According to their beliefs, the land is home to spirits of mountains, forests, lakes and rivers. In order to survive in taiga, people still worship them and try not to harm this well-established relationship. The most important thing here is do not destroy the harmony of this universe. Last summer something went wrong, due to fires in taiga Krasnoyarsk region, many wild bears came down and got closer to their settlement…