• Credits:
    Illustration + Photography: David Mahoney - England
    Typeface Design: Akos Polgardi - Hungary
    Crew: TotalFreeRun
    Runners: Darius Miller, Theo Miller and Luis Mapes
  • Illustration Collection: Total Free Run
  • This series of illustrations was a deviation from my traditional work that involved politicians and friends, however more recently I have found my style of artwork shows a lot of energy; for that reason I feel my most successful pieces are those where subjects are involved in action or movement. For this reason I decided to produce a series of experimental illustrations that incorporated a very 'Tradigital' style to them incorporating my inspiration from concept game art, Maya rendered glass to add to the action and the digitally conceptual nature of the piece.
  • Concept
  • My final piece is going to a be a a real mix of different techniques in my digital and traditional media exploration, I am going to be producing a series of digital pieces and one main examination piece to round of my illustration project. Currently I have looked at reference material from lots of escapism artworks that really show freedom and energy, for this reason I have managed to get the opportunity to work with TotalFreeRun a group of free runners to convey this level of energy and freedom to both my style of work and the overall concept.
  • I have looked further at lots of game art, concept art that is often very expressive to convey the excitement and enjoyment of a games concept and action. Most game art scenes for this reason show action or key moments within game play.

    I have looked at game concept art from the game Deus Ex Human revolution, I loved the themes convey in the artwork such as how digital CG elements such as glass shards that had a very surreal nature to them and how they were very surreal in how they were triangulated and digitised to give create a divide between the traditional and digital elements.
  • I am going to be using this same technique used by Lucas Martin to capture moments of key energy to capture subjects in tension and motion for production where inks and watercolours will capture the real strong shadows and highlights produced by runners muscle and clothing and their environment. To capture this level of excitement I shall be employing some knowledge in simulation within Autodesk Maya to create glass shattering as found in Deus Ex Human Revolution to hopefully show the abandonment of scenes by using ink loosely to simulate environments falling apart.

    Furthermore in this series will try to create an image that retains its freshness of written text. So I will use fast techniques, like rollerball pens, heavily loaded brushes of watercolour and Indian inks. Furthermore as I have found in the works of Carne Griffiths and Florian Nicolle I shall use a Sepia pigmentation of ink to give my work a manuscript feel to them further push my concept of a ‘Tradigital’ renaissance.
  • Photoshoot
  • Glass Shattering Texture Layer
    Maya + Mental Ray Render
  • Wire Frame, using Maya Gravity on a a triangulated shattered pane.
  • Wireframes as solid.
  • Final shards are rendered to production setting using Mental ray, with a simple transparent glass texture pack. The file is saved as a .PNG to retain the clear background to be used as an overlying layer.
  • Final Outcomes
  • Darius Miller - Total Free Run
  • Luis Mapes - Total Free Run
  • Theo Miller - Total Free Run
  • Visual Effects Breakdown