Torres Del Paine (Chile)
Torres Del Paine (Chile)
Chile, February 2011
8 a.m. and the Sun was shining again. Our guide told us that this kind of sunny days happens a few times during the year. We had it four times in a row. There was 250 km ahead of us to Torres del Paine National Park. When we were entering to Chile we had to take all our bags out, and we had been X-rayed. The main aim of this searching is to stop illegal smuggling of food, plants, seeds, soil etc. After 5 hours we finally got to Torres del Paine. Our guide took as on a small tour to every viewpoint it the Park. Despite our tight schedule in all viewpoints we had time for taking photos and a little rest. At the end of our tour the whole group went to see one of the most picturesque lakes in Torres del Paine Park. Our walk ended under a spectacular waterfall Salto Grande.