Torreão Nascente Lisboa

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  • The Torreão Nascente, is located in the magnificent Praça do Comércio,
    in the singular city of Lisbon.

    The building has a characteristic grid of Toscan columns
    that support the Toscan vault, on the east side of a historic square,
    without parallel in all Europe.

  • The Torreão Nascente will come to life as a multi-purpose space,
    focused on temporary, cultural, ludic and promotional events.
  • The Torreão Nascente will be supported by other near spaces
    that reflect the new touristic strategy developed by the Lisbon Tourism Bureau.
    As a “brother” brand the logo must reflect the graphic style, directly.

  • The selected typography for the Torreão Nascente follows the same identity
    as the Pátio da Galé and Sala do Risco brands as a unifying element of communication.

  • In the same way Pátio da Galé and Sala do Risco, the new identity study
    is directely linked to the buildings architectural singularity.

  • Lisbon Tourism Bureau brands universe.
  • Correct usage over Color and photographic backgrounds.
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