• Tonka Park - Branding
    The intention was to express humility and honesty through the lettering. To subtly allude to the park theme while dodging any connection of being eco-friendly. The counters within the A take on the form of a leaf while the stem of the A and R grow thicker towards the end, akin to the stem of a leaf. Finally, the ascender of the K is slightly taller than the T, lending a delicate nod to the form of a tree branch.
  • Web Design
    ="yui_3_3_0_3_1320367877373147">BEHANCE'S WEB DESIGN SERVED.
  • Ecommerce Theme
    An elegantly mellow Big Cartel theme was designed to accompany the relaunch of Tonka Park's Big Cartel theme shop. It is highlighted by its tranquil user experience.