• Toddy Inc. //
    (final project for web design)

    The project title is “how to”. We were required to create a tutorial website that contains atleast 8 HTML pages, but we were influenced to have more web pages. We also were required to elaborate our topic to answer questions like Who, What, Where, When and How. Our webpage needs to have images, video clips and texts descriptions to show the step by step how we can complete 3 tasks that fall under ONE catergory. I chose ‘how to surf like a pro’. 
    So I thought of an idea for a website that I thought was somewhat unique, that I could potentially make a good use. I came up with weartoddy.com. It’s a simplistic and minimalist website about Surfing which is suitable for consumers, where attractive pictures and informations can be obtained which really sell the Company's products or services which looks great and is very easy to use, navigate and understand.