Toast Nightclub

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  • Logo, Poster and Beer Mats
    I was asked by a close friend to design a poster to promote his DJ set at a nightclub in Dublin. The brief was simple—‘make it appeal to students’. I tried to remember back to when I was at college and what appealed to me at that time. It was newness and originality, maybe something quirky—something that spoke directly to me. With this in mind, I began.

    For imagery, I chose to merge the name of the club (Toast) with an aspect of the DJ set (the vinyl record). This graphic would act as the poster’s main focal point. I also created a stand alone logo for the club night specifically—a toaster, the lever of which doubled as the letter ‘T’ to signify ‘Toast’. I thought it would be a good idea to brand beer mats that could be used on a more regular basis in the club. Not only would they serve an obvious function—they could also act as flyers for the night.