To Stop You Must Die

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  • To Stop You Must Die

    A Love Or Lie
    Its Do Or Dont You Know, Baby
    Loose Yourself
    To Stop
    You Must Die
  •  This is a collection of works I did in 2009. It represents some kind of fundamental shift in my life where I realised I wanted to paint more and not just work with games. 

    I had some pretty elaborate issues with how the world was turning and how people treated each other. 

    Its an ongoing thing.
  • Dead End. Watercolor on paper. 
  • To Stop You Must Die. Watercolor on paper.
  • Taken. Watercolor on paper.
  • Breaking The Mold. Oil on canvas.
  • Biased Tendency. Oil on canvas.
  • Do Not Lay Waste To Homes. Watercolor on paper.
  • Lonestar. Oil on canvas.
  • Where You Must Rest Your Weary Bones. Watercolor on paper.
  • Black Eyed. Oil on canvas.
  • Ponder. Watercolor on canvas.
  • Rule Of Enslavement. Oil on canvas.