• We were approached by Swiss watch manufacturer
    Romain Jerome to create the images for
    their new Titanic DNA catalog and advertisements
    with the same unique style of our
    editorial pieces for Plaza Watch Magazine.
    “The signature feature of these timepieces is an oxidised bezel made of
    an extraordinary amalgamation of original steel from the hull of the Titanic
    along with modern shipbuilding steel plate from the Harland & Wolff
    shipyards where the most luxurious ocean liner was built almost a century ago.

    RJ Watches also became the first brand to create deep-black carbon
    watch dials using genuine coal dust recovered from the boiler room of the
    legendary vessel.”—Manuel Emch, CEO, Romain Jerome

    Case studies
    These short videos reveal the individual elements
    and adjustments comprising the final images.

    Postproduction and digital set design
    Carl Gerard Elkins, for and with Mierswa-Kluska


    Creative Directors
    Manuel Emch & Anders Modig

    Oliver Rauh

    Made in cooperation with Plaza Watch Magazine