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  • Tisbury Turkey is a shopping website dedicated to raising money for Martha’s Vineyard charities and organizations. Through the online and on-island shopping that Islanders and visitors are already doing, the website raises money for Vineyard organizations. Anyone familiar with the Vineyard knows how wild turkey’s  are a staple of the Island landscape. The identity was inspired by founder Susan Ciatto’s family history at the Tisbury Farm where they raised turkeys and exported them across the country in the 1940s and 50s—many of which still roam the Island today. We created a brand that feels unique, distinctive, and respectful to the agricultural heritage. Rather than the traditional male turkey in full feather display, we opted to represent the bird with it’s feathers down—the way we most often see them. Through a combination of engravings we gave the turkey a certain expressiveness that is quirky and memorable.
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