• Location: London, UK

    Status: Completed
  • Undertaken in collaboration with Landscape Designer Marcus Barnett, the project was commissioned by the Times Newspaper in association with Kew Gardens for the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show. The garden explores the significance of plants to science and society, and demonstrates humanities symbiotic interdependence with natural ecosystems.  All selected plant species have medicinal, commercial, and industrial uses to underline their importance to our everyday lives.

    The design approach is inspired by the cellular structure of plants and processes of plant growth and formation. Using computational genetic algorithms the plan of the garden was grown by capillary branching and subsequent cellular division.   The timber and plastic pavilion structure extends the cellular growth into three dimensional space, which will allow visitors to experience the patterns of biological structure at an unfamiliar scale. After the Chelsea Flower Show the pavilion and garden will be moved to Kew Gardens for public use.

    Times Eureka Pavilion and garden opens at Chelsea. Vote for the project as People's Choice before tomorrow at 4pm. http://bit.ly/eurekagarden