Time's Arrow | Star Trek TNG Screenprint

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  • "Time’s Arrow" for Art V Cancer’s "Bending Time and Space"
    I am very honored and excited to have a print in Art V Cancer's second exhibition “Bending Time and Space.” Not only is it my first international show (first outside of Brooklyn, actually!) but it benefits some great charities and some truly awesome and inspiring people are involved.
    Unfortunately, like most people, my life has been directly impacted by cancer. I lost my mother to cancer just over 7 years ago, after two separate battles with the disease. A US charity I personally love is The Breast Cancer Fund, which focuses on prevention and has a ton of amazing resources to find out what ways you can help reduce cancer risk for you and your loved ones in your everyday life, right now.
    Since the theme of this exhibition involves time and space, I thought it was a perfect fit to feature one of my all-time favorite shows, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Data, everyone’s favorite android! (With a special appearance by Guinan!) “Time’s Arrow” is a popular two-part episode, and why not? It features Data gambling with wild west ruffians, Guinan in some gorgeous victorian garb, the crew reciting Shakespeare, a young Jack London and a wise-ass Mark Twain, plus evil space aliens.
    Print Info: 19” x 25” (can be trimmed to 18” x 24”) 3 color screen print, including gold shimmer ink, on French Paper Co. Parchtone Camel cover. Signed and numbered edition of 40, hand-pulled by the artist.
    Prints will be available at the exhibition and online starting at 1pm August 31, EST.