Timeless Watches

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  • Timeless Watches

    Timeless Watches is a jewelery store in Montreal, Canada that specializes in brand name and luxury watches.

  • Timeless Watches - Logo

    The task was to design a logo that would identify the business as a jewelry store that specializes in luxury watches. It had to inspire luxury, vintage, elegance.
  • Some random projects developed for Timeless Watches.

  • Timeless Watches - Business Cards

    Several business card designs for Timeless Watches.
    The task was to make them look elegant.

  • Timeless Watches - Magazine Ads

    Magazine ads advertising the company's products and promotions published in a Canadian magazine called Dress to Kill.
    They were made by compositing the photos of the watches received from the client along with other elements on different backgrounds.

  • Timeless Watches - Flyer

    Flyer design for Timeless Watches promoting a special offer that took place during the Formula 1Grand Prix.

  • www.timelesswatches.ca

    Website design for Timeless Watches. The task was to make a simple but elegant website that would be accessible to the client via a CMS. The logo was integrated as a flash widget that shows the time.