• T I M E  M A C H I N E  .   F U L L  P H O TO M A N I P U L A T I O N   .   2 O I 4
    Previously  called Time Capsule. This is a rework of an old work using 100% photos.

    D E M E N T O R

    This work is a personal vision of Jack The Reaper in an alternative reality.
    Jack is travelling into time using a Demon train called The Dementor, and tracked by a bounty hunter
    (the Steampunk Man).
    Basically, this work is my participation for an illustration contest organized by Advanced Creation Magazine.
    The Steampunk man picture was given to readers & the rules were to integrate the it in an original creation. 

    50x20cm | 15 hours 

    I hope you like it!
    You can find more sketches, wips and illustrations
     on my Facebook  Pro page!
    This is a personal work – Dark/Cyber/Steampunk study.
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  • - Augmented Reality Interface -
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