PRINT: Tiger Airways Press Ads

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  • Some of the tactical ads I did for Tiger Airways. Final artworks were then adapted to press ads, digital banners, web banners, FB banners, and EDMs. 
  • Brief: Promote cheap air flights for college or university students who are about to graduate.  
  • Brief: 50% off for flights on Valour Day. An annual national observance in the Philippines which commemorates the fall of Bataan during World War II. It falls on April 9.
  • Brief: 15kg of free baggage promotion set to launch during Earth Day week.
  • Agency: The Idea Laboratory Pte Ltd
    Head of Copy: Yinmay Tham
    Deputy Head of Art: Liang Tan
    Copywriter(s): Keat Tan, Emma Loh
    Graphic Designer: Kendrick Leow
    Year: 2013