• Tidbit
    App & website design
  • What?
    Originally a geolocation-based coupon-application with a "treasurehunt twist", named Huntify. We were given the task to rebrand everything after they had done a trial period in two cities in Sweden. Stepping away from the hunt-part of the concept, we felt that the name was lacking substance and relevance, so we came up with something else. In addition to a full graphical profile, we created a new design for the app itself and a web page. As a bonus, we created an explanatory instructional video to use on the webpage.

    My role?
    I worked as a plannner and producer on this project. Getting under the skin on our target audience was vital to set the right tone on the new profile, so I provided the designers with a creative brief that did just that. During the production, I did my best to keep the team on brief.