Tiber Revitalization and Roman Firehouse Relocation

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  • Tiber Revitalization and Roman Firehouse Relocation
    Rome, Italy
    Watercolor Rendered
    Professor Ettore Mazzola
    Spring 2009
  • Devoted to re-urbanizing a historic, although neglected, district of Rome, this studio-wide urban design relocates Rome's governmental district to a sector of the Tiber River near the Basilica of St. Paul's Outside the Walls. This urban plan creates a fabric that relieves the district of much of its automobile traffic. Attention was placed on the hierarchy of streets, traffic patterns, public transportation, and the relationship between public and private structures and spaces.

    Each student then chose a site within the overall masterplan to develop further. Utilizing a site located on both the Tiber River and the heavily traveled Via Ostiense, my project was a civic complex which included a public works building, fire administration building, on-call living quarters for the firehouse, garages, and an emergency operations center with river access for national guard functions. The design also utilizes a large public piazza that allows for transparency and pedestrian access between the street and the riverfront.
  • Studio wide masterplan
  • View of transportation hub of new district
  • Plaza view of administration buildings
  • Section through inner court of firehouse and garages
  • Street view of garages