• Þýða is a collection of illustrations and photographs 
    that reflect the interactions of the individual with the
    constantly changing Icelandic landscape. It is an editorial 
    self-directed project that features texts by Guðmun
    Oddur Magnússon and other artists.
  • Visually the project explores the relationship 
    between water and its forms in the landscape 
    and how they interact with the changes of light.
    In Þýða geographical illustrations, photography 
    and folded paper compositions build a consistent
    narration with the texts.
  • Þýða was published in the Creative Quarterly’s 
    December 2010 issue, where the project won the
    Graphic Design Student category. The project 
    was also exhibited at KronKron, during 
    HönnunarMars 2011.
  • 'In the isolation I found myself experiencing 
    things for the first time: the cold with all its dry bitterness;
    the colors, so vivid; and the pure, silent darkness of the night. 

    The lack of any discernible human trace and the absence of trees 
    emphasized the sharpness of the horizon. In this scenery 
    I embraced my loneliness. 

    I was feeling safe and quiet, 
    in a very similar state 
    of being at home'
  • 'It is when landscape 
    begins to shape our imagination, 
    desires and dreams. 

    It is the magical moment, moods of nature, 
    the sparkle of light, the mists of melancholy 
    and the world of inaccessible images 
    inside the ice mass.'

    North by North. The Air Script 
    Guðmundur Oddur Magnússon
  • 'Fold upon fold 
    of these translucent 
    purplish green lights 
    run up and down the arcs.

    upon transparency 
    over and over again, 
    impossible to focus on 
    any one of them, 
    and yet delicate, 
    very delicate.' 

    North by North. The Air Script
    Guðmundur Oddur Magnússon