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Another Exposure Photography series to create awareness of the blind and how it relates the nursery rhyme, The Three Blind Mice.
"RR"- Rhymes Revisited
Another Exposure Photography series taken for a project called "Rhymes Revisited" and the object for this project is looking back at old nursery rhymes and creating alternate ideas and designs to what the general public think of and so I decided to have a modern day sub-theme for my work to keep the project contempory. As shown in the title, I chose to look at
"Three Blind Mice" and chose to break away from the dark sinister meanings that nursery rhymes have which very much surprised me and chose to create images that are more sympathetic and create public awareness for the blind and also in my mind show the hardships of people with the visual impairment and the frustrations of being blind which are shown further down and create a narrative series of images from the beginning to the end.
With the subtle and yet bold blinfold, I decided this would show a dramatic representation of the portrait and also wanted to create the idea of photographing the flow the fabric offers from the ripples to show a somewhat glimpse and abstract and poetic idea of the ability to see and also is a visual representation of how the blind would want to see everything in the world and yet the stillness and coldness from the photos creates the harsh reality and irony from my mind. It was also done to create a contrast of this flow from the blidfold against the stillness that the figure portays, despite being frozen in rage in some shots was done to make the emotion more impactfull.
The next three images below are repeats but are variations of brightness and contrast for different effects.