Thread-Bound Book

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  • Thread-Bound Book
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  • This book has two language versions, traditional Chinese and English. It introduces traditionalbookbinding, containing information on bookbinding and presents a couple of differentbookbinding methods.

  • Two versions in this book, it is an English-Chinese bilingual textbook. People could read what they like version and understand easily. Bookbinding by hand. This book has two bookbindings, there are stitched binding and dos-a-dos binding. Stitched binding used the method of traditional Chinese bookbinding and then compounded two books to be one book.Otherwise, the layout of two languages. In English version, two legibility typefaces could combine very well, and the whole layout is pretty comfortable. For Chinese version, due to the size and formation are different with English character, so the typesetting is also difference. Moreover, in present time, generally, people use same habit of reading, no matter what in Chinese and Western, while some layouts are still used the ancient one, such as the characters in the page edge in Chinese version, in character order is from top to bottom, it is one of way in Chinese typesetting.