Thou Supersensual Libertine: Prada F/W 2012

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  • Thou Supersensual Libertine: Prada F/W 2012
    An Animated Editorial in Collaboration with commons&sense man Magazine

    Launched to coincide with the release of Japan’s commons&sense man issue no.13, ‘Thou Supersensual Libertine’ is a six part animated editorial of select Prada F/W 2012 pieces. Understanding that the magazine’s approach to fashion is something that '…you feel by playing around and around and around…’ with, it felt like a natural choice to appropriate the hypnotic quality of the print. The editorial is (literally) a playful spin on the mesmeric menswear collection.

    Clothing is designed to be seen in movement, and with so much 'information-per-instance' – the GIF is well-suited to tell this story. 
    A static version of the 'Thou Supersensual Libertine' is printed in commons&sense man Issue no. 13, available from September 27th.

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