Thokk Thokk

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    Thokk Thokk is a T-Shirt Label based in Munich which produces ecological and 
    fair trade clothes. The main focus of the redesign was to create a distinctive, dynamic and memorable brand. Just like the design of the T-Shirts, the branding should be minimalistic and reduced. The lettering of the logo, an outline with 
    a strong shadow, is a reference to the duplication of the name Thokk Thokk and the 
    2 collections of the label (1. own artwork, 2. artwork of european designers). 
    Just as the appending symbol – a "T" with it´s shade. The pictures are from C. Kox, who has an striking style of analog photography and documents young people in everyday life. Both typography and photography create a branding which is 
    authentic and close to the target group.
  • Picture by C. Kox
  • Credits:
    Client: Thokk Thokk (new Website coming soon)
    Creative Direction and Graphic Design: Josef Heigl
    Photography: C. Kox
    Product Photography: Josef Heigl