This is Newark! A Gateway Design Competition

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  • Competition brief states: "The City of Newark, New Jersey �" the largest city in the most densely populated state �" is exploring design strategies for a series of permanent installations to mark points of arrival to the city, from its train stations and airports to local streets and highway off-ramps. The goal of marking these “gateways” is to strengthen the visual and spatial identity of the city, to question deeply held perceptions, to capitalize on its deep, dramatic, and fiercely proud history, and to better register in the built environment the energy, spirit, and steadfastness that is Newark."

    Changing Newarks' Identity
    To break past cultural misconceptions, you need a radical design approach; one that addresses the Industrial vision of Newark while also liberating it from its own identity. The idea of Gateway is to symbolize you have arrived. Welcome to Newark. We’ve developed a matrix system of implementation based on types of arrivals to address all scales, sites and forms of the 52 Gateway positions. Over time, the Gateways transition themselves from a MONUMENT to an ICON. These icons will become the new identity of Newark; green, community and a destination. Each icon will be covered in luscious green plants that will grow and spread thru-ought New Jersey. All citizens of Newark, unique and individual are part of their own neighborhood Gateway. They belong and are proud to welcome people to “our” city.This is Newark!