This Is Not Clothing - 'Collection II' Artwork

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  • Calvary / Memento Mori I / €80.00
  • Memento Mori IV / Communion I / €80.00
  • The Martydom of Saint Peter / Communion II / €80.00
  • Memento Mori II / Original Sin / €80.00
  • Liberty / Memento Mori III / €80.00
  • ‘This Is Not Clothing’ is a high-end luxury t-shirt brand which juxtaposes contemporary culture and fine art, immortalising people and icons in a similar way to the religious iconography of the Italian Renaissance.

    Ranging from Surrealism to Pop Art, through the medium of photography. The t-shirts are regarded as a wearable canvas, and are made from 100% ‘Fair Wear Foundation’ cotton, printed in Paris.

    Collection II features artwork inspired by consumerism (fast food, disposable culture); war (Eugène Delacroix's
    masterpiece 'La Liberté guidant le peuple'); and wealth (still life artwork inspired by the 16th and 17th Century art
    movement ‘Vanitas’, representing the meaninglessness of earthly life and the transient nature of all earthly goods
    and pursuits).

    The artwork is created by brand founder, visual artist Jam Sutton. Jam’s work breaks away from traditional
    boundaries of still and moving image. Jam recently directed and produced Azealia Banks’ much talked about
    surreal music video for ‘Yung Rapunxel’- the first single from her upcoming debut album.

    Through ‘This Is Not Clothing’ Jam creates original pieces and shares his unique vision of our society by paying
    homage to the great artists that have shaped and influenced the history of art.