Think Twice Project: "Let's Make It Worthwhile"

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  • PROJECT: Think Twice Project: "Let's Make It Worthwhile"
    PROJECT TYPE: Poster Design/Poster Ads
    Art Director/Graphic Designer: Fuad Misbah
    Copywriter: Fuad Misbah
    Client: Think Twice Project
    Think Twice project is a personal CSR project by Fuad Misbah. This project was visualized by Fuad Misbah to provide social awareness to the society in order for the society to change to the better in the future.
    This project was inspired by this article from The Huffington Post, Think Twice Project is paying it's tribute to people who are still pursuing internal happiness through 11 motivational posters/printads and this project by Think Twice Project is entitled "Let's Make It Worthwhile."
    The reason why the word "Worthwhile" is emphasized for this project is because the project founder, Fuad Misbah believes that every experience in life is worthwhile, albeit good or bad experience and Fuad Misbah also believes that the reason we are here is to learn from both sides so that we could be better for ourselves, family, community, society and the world.
    And each letter from the word "Worthwhile" represents a word on its own.