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Thesis Project
My dad has a bad heart and has a valve replacement, which makes his heart beat sound robotic. When everything is quiet I can hear it ticking which has always been a special moment for me. I got the idea to do it for my thesis because I sick and went to the ER and while the doctor was listening to my heart I could hear his heart and could tell he also had a similar heart surgery based on the sound of his heartbeat.
I recorded my dad's heart beat and I'm putting my ipod in the back of this shadow box so if people are quiet enough they can hear the heartbeat. It's kinda a way of celebrating those quiet moments with my dad that are so special to me, and to celebrate his weird heart that makes those moments possible, because without a valve transplant he wouldn't be with me.
When it comes to my classes thesis topic, "Art and Design", art to me is a way of connecting to one another, those special quiet moments where you are connected to a stranger, which is what I am trying to achieve with the heart and design is something used to make our lives better, the valve transplant.
From the first piece came the notebook. Then from my notes came the final piece, a summary of my experience that people needed to "slow down" and "appreciate" their surroundings.