There's More to Selling a House | Michael Hardy 2014

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  • There's More to Selling a House Billboard Advert featuring two of the agents from the Crowthorne Branch
  • Building on the success of their previous campaign. Michael Hardy wanted to get the message across that although they are an Estate Agent, they do a lot more to make sure the process of buying/selling/letting a house much easier for their clients.

    This campaign launched using quotes from Michael Hardy’s All Agents site - an online platform where clients can leave comments about their experience. I chose a couple of the more memorable ones which chimed well with MH’s the tone of voice.

    The campaign then evolved to become about the individual agents, again including positive feedback from the All Agents site, but this time aimed towards the person featured on the advert. I felt by doing this, the wall between client & agent was already breached before visiting the office. A potential buyer could walk in, & already know who ‘Neal” was because they’d already seen him in the newspaper.

    This campaign covered both Press & Magazine Advertising, Online Banners & Social Media Artwork, Large Scale Billboard ads, Mailers - both data & mail drop as well as Bus Supersides. Some examples are below… 
  • First advert to run using positive feedback from All Agents, pushing towards Michael Hardy's Facebook page 
  • Second advert in the series using positive feedback from All Agents
  • Custom thumbs up logo - playing on the Social Media push
  • First of around 12 versions of the individual agent adverts, used to introduce members of the Michael Hardy team to the viewer. Can you spot the 'tounge in cheek' reference :) Good old Michael Hardy
  • Another member of the Michael Hardy Sales team. All these photographs were taken specifically for the campaign, which I then Photoshoped for the adverts
  • There is also a Lettings department, the next two examples are for them, the only real differences are the logo & strapline
  • Another Example of the advert using a member of the Lettings team
  • Bus Superside advert using the team member images
  • Bus Superside in the initial teaser advert style
  • Facebook graphics, to keep the look of the campaign consistent, especially if a visitor is there because they saw an advert
  • One of the mail drop leaflet created, 20,000 of these were printed and distributed throughout the campaign