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Identity Design D&AD Student Competition Brief - Touring Art Gallery in Hospitals set by The Partners.
Naming, Identity & Advertising Student Competition Brief - Touring Art Gallery in Hospitals.
This was a branding brief set by The Partners for the D&AD Student Awards 2011.

"Following a pilot scheme of an art gallery in a hospital, there is an opportunity to take the concept nationwide – creating a touring art gallery that will showcase a range of work including fine art, sculptures and sound installations produced by some of the UK’s most famous contemporary artists. The gallery will be in place for a month before moving on to the next hospital.

Your challenge is to create the name and brand for the gallery that has the impact to generate positive news, discussion and interest in the concept - building an appreciation of the power of art to connect with people."

The name "There There" came from the need to care for people in hospitals and the fact that every month the gallery moves to different hospitals. The colours were chosen because of their unexpected-ness in a hospital environment.

My solution revolved around a plus sign, showing positivity for the patients and staff, connectivity with visitors and people new to modern art. The plus ended up being a nice device that is not a cross but a versatile graphic device that can stretch across multiple uses. I utilised the grid nature of the identity to help me create interior graphics and map artists' art with the plus sign for promotional posters. I used the calendar as an interesting feature on posters so visitors are aware of where the art gallery is moving to in the following months.

I created tools for children, guests and patients to contribute towards the gallery via colouring in books and a custom modern art app. Patients and guests are given a branded grid that they can modify encouraging anyone to contribute, even if they don't consider themselves as creative. The art produced can be saved, shared, uploaded and displayed in designated areas in the hospitals and forever cataloged online.

Definitely the toughest project I worked whilst in Uni, especially having just 2 weeks to come up with an idea and execute it to competition level. Unfortunately I didn't win but here are the winning or commended entries,