Theatro Municipal - Rio de Janeiro

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  • Model developed for the game Favela Wars!
    Was produced only a small part of this huge structure that is the Theatro Municipal of Rio de Janeiro. Some details were ignored because of deadline.

    This asset contains:
    - 346 objects (note: obviously many objects are instantiated with many shared materials)
    - 6,178 polys (note: not counting the broken columns)
    - 11,828 tris (note: ^)
    - Only diffuse maps (note: except for the 'railing' that contains alpha map)

    Photos of the theater were used as reference only, all textures were hand painted.
  • Favela Wars is a turn-based strategy game set in the dangerous world of the Rio de Janeiro slums in an alternative near future. You will be able to control one of two factions with very different skill-sets and strategies to choose from: The well equipped Police force or the vicious Drug Gangs.