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    'Into The Woods', 'Cabaret', 'Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat', 'Jesus Christ Superstar'
  • This was a university assignment, where we were asked to design and develop a series of theatre posters for ranging musical productions. I thought that even though the productions were all completely different, I would design them so they all followed the same structure. This was done so that some similarity was created within the series of posters..
  • Most of the posters I came across were focusing on the character, 'the Little Red Riding Hood'. I wanted to, at first, try to blend her character with that of the forest by making the trees red. However, this resulted in creating a sense of danger and a darkening mood. Instead, I wanted to be inviting to audiences of all age groups so instead, ¬†developed the posters to come together to create a vine-like effect, whilst also keeping a fun atmosphere at the same time.
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  • Was done like this so when a series of the posters were put upon the wall they would flow together like this.
  • Looking through my research, I found that most of the current posters for 'Joseph And The Technicolour Dreamcoat' were focusing on his actual jacket. I wanted to take a different approach where i focused on what his jacket symbolised: Dreams. With this in mind, I used watered down coloured paints to blend together to create a image that gave the viewer their own chance to interpret it in whatever way they chose (just like that of a dream) whilst also keeping it relevant to the colours of Joseph's coat.
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  • For this poster I dropped red ink into water to create this image. I used red, not only because it was the colour of the Nazi flag (the Swastika) but also because it is the colour of lust, passion and most importantly danger, which were all key issues within the production. I chose to use the method of ink into water because it creates this flowing image, much like that of a dancer, which of course is a main focus of this musical.
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  • This was the hardest to make of the four. This was because I didn't want to do anything religious that detracted from the Rockstar element that the character 'Jesus' was in the production. In the end I decided upon using an inverted flame-ball used at a rock concert to create the imagery behind. This gave it that rock royalty edge I had hoped for. The rest is history....
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