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  • As a team, we pooled creative and technical resources to establish a startup called an online platform for emerging DJ talents. After inviting a couple of friends to give it a whirl, the viral effect spread amongst DJs from around the globe; London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Moscow, Tokyo, LA, NY, and Sao Paulo to name a few.

    I devised the technical development and user experience, as well as taking the lead on the social media strategy. One of the nicest features was the embeddable mixtape player, which was a retro cassette tape.

    So why did it fail? 

    We soon became the victims of our own success. Hosting costs began to escalate, and it wasn't that cheap back then. We started to look into the legal ramifications of hosting so much copyrighted material and decided to call it a day. Some of my fondest memories are of this project, perhaps someday it will return in another form.