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  • TheHopMan
    Ongoing branding
  • This is an ongoing campaign I do for the screen printing shop I work at.   It has logo, illustration, design, and web work; and focuses on printing and promotional products for the craft brewing industry. 
  • Print add to promote theHopMan. The illustration I made for shirts my company took to the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego.
  • This is the latest illustration I did in the hopman series. It is for shirts my coworkers will take to the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado 2011 and is being used in a variety of promos and adds.
  • This is a Website I made to go along with HopMan mailers. It's been up since August of 2010:
  • This is an illustration I made for our (Graphic 22, screenprint shop) promo shirts for Great American Beer Festival in Denver, 2010. It set much of the direction for our branding to the craft brewing industry to follow. I made a commic book like story of this character from the outset. I pulled many funny ideas for the campaign from a back and forth with my co-workers and in particular Iain Hursey. We continue to draw from this initial character study.
  • Above is an array of print materials from this campaign.