The warrior

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  • The warrior - bit by bit
  • Okay, now about 2 weeks ago I had an idea out of nowhere. I just woke up and thought that I had to improve my Photoshop-skills. So I decided to paint some of those fantasy-warriors with a thick, heavy armor and a big weapon or whatever. This decision bonded me for the next 2 weeks to the computer. Beginning with a pretty fast sketch it went on to a picture which I would like to share with you!
    Now here's the procedure of this pic. First I had this vagly image in my head: someone comes out of the mist wearing a horned helmet...
  • Then after a short time I didn't like it anymore because it was boring. The addition of a weapon followed...
  • A long phase of testing and playing with the brushes of the program was the next step. Took me most of the time because I never really tried it this way.

  • ...added an axe...added some color...added some shadow and so further and so on...
  • I was pretty happy now. The whole image took shape at last. The long frustration passed and I was motivated to go further and add some details. Also shaped a huge axe.

  • Then after one or two days of break I saw this hunk of iron on his shoulder again and thought: "Man that's definetly too much", I changed it as well as the helmet and the cloak.
    I also changed the red stripes on his armor. First I wanted them to be some kind of mark, but blood simply looks cooler!
  • After changing and changing details, adding a background and deciding to end this madness at last, I created this picture...enjoy! Any critics are welcome (And I'm sure there will be some of them)!