The transport of the poor

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  • -----The transport of the poor-----
    The window has a subtle irony between the reflecting plates and the bike with chofferincluded.
    The showcase was a groupware that was designed, prepared and performed in schoolbut later adapted for D-LAF Glories shopping center in Barcelona.
    The window has a subtle irony between the reflecting plates and the bike with chofferincluded.The showcase was a groupware that was designed, prepared and performed in schoolbut later adapted for D-LAF Glories shopping center in Barcelona.
  • Photographs of the final result

    Space adaptation and introduction of store mannequins for D-LAF, Glories shopping center in Barcelona.

    The window display was exposed during the winter season and Christmas 2010
  • performed the assembly and the styling of mannequins, taking into account every detail.
  • Project by Usua Mañero, Fermina bustos y Carolina Moré